My Success Formula

"Let me show you how to REALLY Make Money Online!''

  My name is Elena Lisheva, and I love Internet Marketing with a burning passion.

  If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are one of the many millions of people around the world looking for a better life.

  You may be looking for some extra change to come into the household to help out with those never ending bills. You may be looking to replace your full-time income to break free from that job or small business that has tied you down for many years. Whatever it is, you are in the right place.

  I know how important passive income is for all of us to truly experience our dreams. That`s why I will show you some great ways I am earning passive income and making money in my sleep and you can do it too. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

  The main reason why I like the programs that I am sharing and participate in myself is because literally ANYONE can do them. All you need is a WANT to succeed!

Cash Flow Barrier?  SMASHED!!!

Discover how to realistically earn over a DOZEN streams of residual income!

My Favorite Affiliate Marketing Businesses


Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn multiple streams of income on Autopilot and create a dream life.

​  When I look at Affiliate Marketing businesses to align with I always look at businesses that deliver a genuine solution to a genuine problem in the marketplace which aligns with who I am as a person, my values, morals and integrity.

​  I could make money with any online business, but I need to make sure I am adding genuine value to people so I choose very carefully which programs I align myself with.

1. You Can Finally Get Paid For Sharing A Free Course!!!


2. Passive Direct Mail and Direct Sales System That Pays Daily! 

3. EVERYONE IS GUARANTEED To At Least Break Even on DAY 1


4. Powerful Fun, Amazing Deals ,Big Incomes...


Traffic Barrier?  SMASHED!!! 

Learn to generate a steady supply of quality, targeted prospects every month!

My Favourite Traffic Recources 

  Before I discovered Traffic Exchanges, Mailers and Solo Ads I was doing it real tough online. I was trying to learn Affiliate Marketing and spending anywhere from 8-14 hours online per day 6-7 days per week.

  When I discovered these traffic resources for the first time it meant that I could now not only advertise my Affiliate Marketing businesses through these platforms but also create a passive income stream by only investing a few minutes each day online. After several months, my income from the several Traffic Programs that I am now use to create an income and advertise my businesses through make up my main income sources online.

  It is funny how things end up as I only started with these programs because I wanted to generate more traffic to my other sources of income.

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Business Tools

~ Set yourself up for success with the right tools
  When operating an online business you must have the right tools otherwise it is like trying to compete with one arm tied behind your back. If your dream is big enough then this is it for you so equip yourself right.


  If you are serious about earning money online you must build an email list. These two programs are what I use to store my email subscribers and you must be concentrating on building your email list.

  Pick one or both of these programs (either AWeber and/or GetResponse) and start building your list today.

  Watch the tutorial videos inside each program and learn how to set up your auto-responders so these programs automatically send out hundreds of emails daily to your subscriber list while you are enjoying the beaches or having lunch in a cafe. Let your business work for you 24/7.


Click Here to start with GetResponse


  ClickMagick is a must tracking tool for any serious Affiliate Marketer. It allows you to track and optimize your tracking links all in one place.

  It is critical to track your advertising so then you can monitor and record what actions you are taking are effective, and what actions you are taking that are NOT effective. If you could simply use this tool to find out what works and what doesn't, it will save you hundreds of hours and dollars not wasting your efforts in areas that are not bringing you an income. That is why this tool is critical in anyone's online business.

Click Here to start with Clickmagick

  Almost all of these programs come with Facebook Community Groups so make sure you find yourself in those communities to further your education.

  Remember: If you need one on one support contact me via Facebook so I can help you. 

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